Tuesday, August 11, 2009

3-Year Check-Up


WEIGHT 24 lbs, 12.5 ounces (<0%)
HEIGHT 32.5 inches (<0%)

The doctor was very pleased with Truman's progress over the last few months. He confided that he was getting very worried about the speech and not sure what direction to go in, but seems very happy with what we're seeing. He tested a bunch of other cognitive skills and was very happy with the results. Gross motor is still delayed, but not dramatically so.
He was also very happy with the weight gain because for the first time in a very long time (maybe a year), Truman's weight moved closer to the standard charts rather than away from him. His height, on the other hand, is a different story. He really should be taller by now. The doc said that based on a number of studies, extreme preemies who haven't caught up more on height by three are not going to catch up. They've told us that was likely before, but the doc based on his current height and growth curve, he will be lucky to reach 5 feet. That makes me so sad. That is going to be so hard for a boy to be that short.

The doc is also concerned we haven't seen more progress with developmental eating, but pleased that there is less vomit (which means more growth). We told him we are trying a new group feeding therapy starting September 4 (at the same place where the speech preschool was), and he couldn't recommend a better option.

You can tell our MD is very proud of Truman. He was his patient since he was in the feeder/grower side of NICU, and he sees Truman as one of his success stories. He often transfers his patients to another doctor once they reach three, but he said he wanted to keep Truman for as long as we wanted. We were very happy because we like having Truman with a neonatal specialist and someone who knows his history.
In the photo to the left above, Truman is signing jump and asking where the bounce house that was out front the day before went. In the photo to the right, he is playing with his new favorite toys from his birthday.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

3rd Birthday

Truman had a very fun and fabulous third birthday, save for falling out of the bounce house entrance onto the sidewalk and getting a nasty knot on his head. He had lots of fun with his grandparents, great aunts, and friends who came to play.

He picked out a fire truck theme at Party City, choosing it over Elmo and Hot Wheels. However, based on his reaction to all his Cars movie-themed toys, I'm pretty sure I know what he would have chosen if that was one of the options presented to him.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Letters, Numbers, and Colors, Oh My!

Last night, Truman demonstrated that he can count to three. Today, he counted to six for one of his therapists. When I came home from work today, he correctly told me my shoes were yellow and this his truck was blue. He identified the letters in his alphabet puzzle and told me "Pee-kuhl" (his version of Pickles, our cat) when he picked up the letter P. He has taken to calling himself Tru-Ey (yes, he can finally identify himself with more than just his sign!!) and me Ma-Baba.

As his therapist asked, "Who is this kid and where did Truman go"? Life is good.