Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Truman dressed as a doctor for Halloween. Ben and Truman tried several types of costumes, but Truman was pretty insistent that it not involve anything hanging off like a dinosaur tail or chicken wings. That limits options a lot, but we found a really cute set of scrubs and a doctor kit. And, a doctor is definitely a costume Truman knows and understands and by some miracle is not afraid of. That, and he loves stethoscopes.
We didn't get any really good pictures, but here is one checking out his Halloween flashlight from Grandmommy before we head out to the church carnival at Gramma and Daddy Davis's church.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Truman update

It is remarkable the difference between Truman on June 1 and Truman today. He has made remarkable strides. We have a couple of recent brags.

On the eating front:

On Friday night, Truman ate his own dinner for the first time in his life. Granted, he got most of his calories from the cup he had after the food, but he did the whole meal by himself without assistance. Dinner included approximately:12-15 macaroni noodles; 3 cheeto puffs; 1 cube of cheese; a couple of bites of cream cheese dip licked off a ritz cracker; 4-6 veggie sticks; and 1 goldfish. He then drank about 4 ounces of milk + Carnation instant breakfast out a straw. We still have a long way to go in getting him to tolerate multi-textured food, but this was huge. It felt so normal.

On the talking front:
  • Overheard on the baby monitor while Truman fell asleep: Truman having a conversation with "Bear" about hats (I think). Then Truman telling all the lovies in his bed good night. Then Truman says "All done, Bear" and is completely silent from there on out.
  • Overheard while falling asleep at naptime a couple of weekends ago: "Mama big. Daddy big. Tiiiiiiiiiny boy."
  • Said to me after I got off the speaker phone with Ben in the car last night after Ben had been out of town overnight: "Miss daddy Tru. Daddy home."
You hear all the time about the cute things kids say, and I Ben and I always said we wondered what Truman would say if he could talk. We also have lots of unprompted "luh yous" and hugs now. It's so sweet, it almost hurts.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Appointment Update

I had my post-op appointment today from the D&C. I'm healing up nicely. The initial testing on the fetal tissue showed no abnormalities. It will be at least another week until we get the chromosome tests back. We hope they find something. If not, it's on to testing of me to make sure we weren't wrong about the cause of Truman's early birth.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beat Up Kid

Truman had a tough run in October with his face. He managed to turn a flip on his changing table in which he smacked his eye on the dresser portion of the table giving himself quite the black eye. Then a few days later he fell trying to climb onto a chair in our dining room and whacked his mouth on the edge of the table. If you look closely, you can see both in this photo.
He looked so bad the school had to make a report in his file. :(

Monday, October 5, 2009

Bad news

We learned today that the baby died sometime in the last few days. The doctor says this happens in less than 5% of pregnancies past the point of detecting a heartbeat. It caught us completely off guard. I have a D&C procedure scheduled for Wednesday because there are no signs of a natural miscarriage.

The baby appears to have been developing normally until just a few days ago. There are no physical markers of abnormality. Due to the timing of my delivery with Truman and this loss being after the heartbeat, the doctor is going to send the fetus and placenta off for testing following the D&C to make sure that I don't have some biochemical issue with carrying pregnancies.